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Giải pháp dành riêng cho bạn

StartupLAW tự tin là một trong số ít luật sư có sẵn các giải pháp sáng tạo dành cho nhà sáng lập, CEO, COO, nhà đầu tư, quỹ đầu tư mạo hiểm hay người hỗ trợ startup.

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Deals & Transactions

We help you plan the transaction, structure the transaction, advise on the optimal solution and represent you during the transaction process as well as prepare all legal documents and complete the transaction. necessary legal proceedings.

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We provide comprehensive services to get you started and take off!

2. Startup Advisor
business model, strategy, management system, brand, company, legal, resource connection, raise capital
6. Startup Legal Compliance
contracts, tax incentives, permits, labor, disputes, compliance systems, legal Q&A
1. Startup legal
founding documents, equity strategy, ESOP, legal documents, startup business registration
3. Raise capital & VC
+ fundraising strategy, business model completion, pitching deck, investment connection, deal consulting, investor relationship
+ Establish, operate, manage a VC firm
4. Intellectual Property
protection, IP assignment docs, IP assets management, infringement claim, licensing, franchising
5. M&A
legal DD, valuation, negotiation, contract, capital financing, investment licenses,  money transfer, deal completion


Our services are packaged and ready for you !



* Startup founding team consulting & documents

advise and guide the necessary terms according to international standards to create a successful founding team and draft relevant documents.

* Establish a legal framework for startups

service package: legal checkup of business model, legal checklist, legal documents, startup company registration.

* Drafting contracts, legal documents

Specific legal documents for startups, technology companies and venture capital: co-founder agreement, non-disclosure agreement, intellectual property rights agreement, SSA, SHA, NDA, KISS, SAFE.

* Startup fundraising consultancy

help you understand how, structure and sequence of a startup funding deal.

* Startup licenses

company registration, trademark protection, copyright, e-commerce web/app registration.

* Startup laws instructions

consulting, guiding and answering specific legal issues of startups, technology companies and venture capitalists.

* Legal training for startups, technology, VC investment

Startup fundraising, intellectual property management, startup basic laws, LCS-legal compliance system.

* Consulting on applying technology tax incentives

guiding the conditions, methods and necessary documents to apply tax incentives.


* Startup funding deal consulting

perfecting business model, capital raising strategy, pitching deck review, investor connection, deal consulting, investor relations.


* M&A deal consulting

consulting deal structure, legal duediligence, disbursement, drafting documents and related investment procedures.

* Startup Advisor

business model, strategy, governance system, brand, company, legal, connecting resources, raise capital.

* Venture Capitalist Consulting

VC market entry consulting, establishment, operation, VC management, investment supervision, dispute resolution.

* Startup equity strategy

making strategies & plans for share distribution,  list of shares and dividing shares according to each round.

* ESOP program

consulting on setting up and applying ESOP program for startups, technology companies and drafting related documents.

* Legal due diligence (pre-DD)

reviewing legal appraisal criteria, completing legal defects to be ready to participate in capital raising and M&A deals.

* Legal compliance & risk management system

Review & carry out the legal to-do-list, draft legal documents - processes - legal checklists applied for daily operation.

* Consulting franchise system

consulting on setting up franchise system, carrying out legal procedures, drafting necessary franchise documents and contracts.


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