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StartupLAW is confident in providing innovative solutions tailored for founders, CEOs, COOs, investors, venture capitalists, and startup supporters.


Legal Solutions

for tech & startup firms

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Designed exclusively for the Vietnamese tech community.

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Our services are packaged and ready for you !



* Co-Founder Agreement Consultation

consultation and guidance on internationally standardized terms essential for successfully forming a founding team, including drafting related documents.

* Startup Legal Framework Establishment

service package: Legal model business review, compliance legal checklist, legal document drafting, startup registration, and company registration.

* Contract and Legal Document Drafting

specialized legal documents for startups, technology companies, and venture capital: Co-Founder Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Intellectual Property Ownership Agreements, SSA, SHA, NDA, KISS, SAFE.

* Structuring Startup Capital Raising Transactions

help you understand the mechanics, structure, and sequence of a startup investment/capital raising transaction.

* Startup Licensing

company registration, trademark registration, copyrights, web/app e-commerce registration.

* Startup Legal Consultation

consulting, guidance, and clarification of specific legal issues for startups, technology companies, and venture capital.

* Startup, Technology, VC Laws Training

startup funding, intellectual property ownership management, basic startup law, Legal Compliance System (LCS).

* Consultation on Applying Technology Tax Incentives

instructions on conditions, procedures, and necessary documents to apply for tax incentives for software, safest technology applications.



* Fundraising Deal Consultation

consultation on deal structure, negotiation, due diligence, signing, disbursement, drafting related investment documents.

* Venture Capital Investment Consultation

consultation on market entry, establishment, operation, fund management, investment oversight, dispute resolution.

* Startup Equity Allocation Strategy

develop a strategy & equity distribution plan, create an equity portfolio, and distribute equity for each investment round.

* ESOP program

consultation to establish and implement ESOP programs for startups, technology companies, and drafting related documents.

* Proactive Legal Due Diligence (pre-DD)

review legal due diligence criteria, address legal deficiencies, and prepare for fundraising and M&A deals.

* Legal Compliance & Risk Management System

review and implement legal compliance requirements, draft daily legal documents, procedures, and checklists.

* Franchise System Consultation

consultation to establish a franchise system, complete legal procedures, and draft necessary franchise documents and contracts.



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As a member of the startup, tech, and VC community in Vietnam, Attorney Doanh is always ready to connect and share important and valuable information with founders, CEOs, COOs, fund directors, investors, and more from tech, startup, and VC firms.

We do this through our renowned Online Free LawTalks program within the community.

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