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More than a law firm where you have to depend on your attorneys time and hourly fee schedule, we really want to be a more and more free and available tool for you whether you are a lawyer or a lawyer. founders, CEOs, COOs, investors or startup facilitators... can easily self-help for their legal needs.

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Deals & Transactions

We help you plan the transaction, structure the transaction, advise on the optimal solution and represent you during the transaction process as well as prepare all legal documents and complete the transaction. necessary legal proceedings.

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Our tech, startup and VC attorneys are always available to connect with you. Choose a suitable time for our friendly online chat. You will not waste time on this.

Hundreds of our customers have appreciatedshort but helpful and friendly conversationsthisover the years. Conversations are better when booked in advance.

Click the button below or click/scan the Zalo QR code for quick support and appointment booking.

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