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More than just a law firm, where you have to rely on a lawyer's time and hourly fees, we genuinely want to become a tool that's always available and increasingly free for you, whether you're a founder, CEO, COO, investor, or someone supporting startups... you can easily help yourself with your legal needs.

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Useful tools


This legal to-do list includes both mandatory legal tasks and items you should complete when starting a tech startup or engaging in venture capital investment

Stay informed about knowledge, trends, movements, legal guidance, and stories within the innovative startup ecosystem in Vietnam and around the world.

Understand the legal issues that startups, tech companies, and VC firms need to be aware of and comply with when starting a business, building a team, developing products, securing investment, expanding operations.

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Our technology, startup, and VC lawyers are always ready to connect with you. Choose a convenient time for a friendly online chat with us. You won't waste your time with this.


Hundreds of our customers have highly appreciated these short but useful and friendly conversations over the past years. Your chat will be even better when scheduled in advance.

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Legal Solutions for

tech & startup firms

Browse through our slides to explore the legal solutions we excel at.

Designed exclusively for the Vietnamese tech community.

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