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Announcement of Partnership between STARTUPLAW VIETNAM and WIZIIN

Ho Chi Minh City, December 28th, 2020

STARTUP LAW VIETNAM announces that We and WIZIIN had officially established a cooperative relationship on December 23, 2020.

WIZIIN is an AI-based investment platform for SMEs, investors, VCs and private equity with service focus for Asia Pacific area. WIZIIN is expected to change investors’ way of choice and decision as well as control the investment list. Especially, We values WIZIIN as an important and breakthrough factor to settle the difficulties of the investment cash flow which invest to Vietnam and the developing market in Asia Pacific area.

STARTUP LAW VIETNAM has advantage of legal knowledge system in technology – startup – investment, experience of participating in hundreds of investment/funding deals, standard investment process as well as lean method of supporting and managing investment deals that proved efficiency through the last 05 year, and is expected to share its knowledge of legal and investment for startups, SMEs and investors via WIZIIN platform.

Most of all, We aim to create an investment process standard and change investment patterns, spread investment opportunities and unclog investment capital flows to support hundreds of thousands of SMEs in Vietnam and Asia Pacific area to attain and develop its enterprises strongly.

We are unanimous with Tien Nguyen – Founder and CEO of WIZIIN about SMEs’s visibility and potential in Vietnam and area. Both parties also have the same belief and philosophy in developing business sustainability through community development.

Be pleased to announce,

Doanh Nguyen,

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