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General Terms of Service

Issued on: January 1, 2020

Commitment to service

STARTUP LAW is committed to providing professional services from appropriately qualified units and experts. In providing services, STARTUP LAW will: (i) give due attention and apply professional skills; (ii) act in accordance with all applicable laws.


Customer support

Customer will support STARTUP LAW in the process of providing the service by: (i) providing the necessary documents, information and data as suggested by STARTUP LAW; (ii) sign all documents (if any) as suggested by STARTUP LAW; (iii) cooperate with STARTUP LAW when necessary as suggested by STARTUP LAW; Pay the full service fee agreed with STARTUP LAW.


Service implementation process

Customers who request the service to send information to be reported by STARTUP LAW for each case. The customer establishes a contract with STARTUP LAW by notifying his / her approval of fees via email, telephone or by paying service fees according to the instructions in the fee quote. To save time for the parties, STARTUP LAW usually only signs detailed service contracts in writing with complex cases.

After receiving the approval and payment fee from the customer, STARTUP LAW assigns a person in charge of the service by exchanging, collecting information, conducting professional processing, responding to the results and ending the translation. service.


Enter into service contract

The service contract between STARTUP LAW and the customer can be signed in writing directly, digitally signed or unilaterally approved from the customer for the content of the fee quote, the draft contract via email, newsletter. E-message or by action is the payment of the service fee as instructed in the fee quote. To save time, STARTUP LAW encourages customers to conclude contracts in the simplest forms.

The contract will be effective from the date of commencement until the obligations of the parties are fulfilled.


Terms of payment

It is STARTUP LAW's policy to collect service fees prior to implementation. The customer will pay the entire service fee and fee / charge on behalf of the customer (if any) to the account number specified by STARTUP LAW or collected in cash.


Proceed with service

Service is underway after STARTUP LAW receives client's payment and input. Service date is calculated from the day following the date STARTUP LAW receives the service fee and is calculated by working days (from Monday to Friday, except holidays as prescribed).

Services are carried out according to expertise and execution plans have been agreed with the client. Customer has the right to request STARTUP LAW to provide an implementation roadmap and expected time in case the quote or contract does not mention this content. Customers will also be updated on the progress of the service in accordance with the Customer Care policy of STARTUP LAW.


Service fees and costs incurred

Service fee is a fee paid by the customer to STARTUP LAW to perform a service. Service charges do not include fees paid to state agencies (if any); Third party charges (required, if any) and costs incurred during the performance of the service and are outside of the original estimate. Most of the fees are foreseen by STARTUP LAW and mentioned in the quote, contract or prior consultation for customers. The policy of STARTUP LAW prohibits the failure to inform customers in advance that STARTUP LAW or its experts has known in advance.


Occupational liability limit

STARTUP LAW's services include legal services, investment advisory services, management consulting and other services. Corresponding to each service, STARTUP LAW LLC or the law firm / organization / individual member or network of STARTUP LAW provides based on the operation license, functions of each company and the distribution, coming soon. ranking of STARTUP LAW. Services performed by any entity will be responsible by that unit to customers in accordance with the law. STARTUP LAW LLC is generally responsible for the credibility, results and quality of service.

Service timing and results may be changed from baseline due to objective factors such as changes in legislation, behavior / decisions of government agencies and / or home staff. In the country of that agency, the data - input information provided by the welder is incorrect or missing and is out of the reach of STARTUP LAW. STARTUP LAW is not responsible for the outcome if the cause of the undesirable result falls beyond STARTUP LAW's control and / or STARTUP LAW has no obligation to know. However, STARTUP LAW commits that with its prudence and responsibility, we will anticipate situations in the best way to minimize such situations.



STARTUP LAW will not disclose confidential commercial, financial and technical information related to customers within the framework of the contract. Directors, employees and associates of STARTUP LAW are also subject to the confidentiality provisions contained in this clause.


Respect privacy

STARTUP LAW is not allowed to use customer information for any private purpose other than for the purpose of performing services under contract, except for law enforcement and sending updates, valuable newsletter via customer email. STARTUP LAW is only allowed to use the client's name and / or logo for the sole purpose of listing in the STARTUP LAW profile / competency record. STARTUP LAW commits not to disclose information about the service or customer case content. STARTUP LAW must cancel or return all commercial invoices, technical and financial information, and other similar information, including all copies, within 1 month of its termination or expiration. of the contract or according to the request of the customer


Notification Terms

Notices relating to the performance of the contract will be delivered by email, courier or by person to the parties at the address of the head office or actual transaction address since this party's notice. to the other party. Any notice shall be deemed to have been delivered immediately in the event of human delivery, one (01) day later in the case of email or fax and three (03) days later in case is delivered by courier.


Applicable law terms & dispute resolution

This contract will be explained and governed by the laws of Vietnam.

Any disputes arising, related to the contract will be resolved through negotiation and conciliation. Any dispute that can be resolved through negotiation and conciliation within thirty (30) days will be subject to the decision of the Vietnam International Arbitration Center ("VIAC") in accordance with the rules of solemnity. VIAC's assets will take effect. Arbitration decisions are final and binding on the parties.


Stop using the service

When there is no need to continue using the service, customers can discuss with STARTUP LAW to stop the service. We are happy to recalculate the work we have done to close the service charges and refund the customer the rest within 15 days of closing the service charge.


After-sales & After-service support

The service is finished and the results are handed over to the customer. Customer records will be saved and supported to answer questions or issues related to the service within 01 month from the date of service completion and complete the payment as well as the obligations of the parties. However, after 01 month, customers can still talk to STARTUP LAW about the services they have performed if they need assistance. Our team is committed to doing its best to support customers in their ability and circumstances at that time.



Neither party is liable for a breach of the stated terms and conditions because events beyond reasonable control cause adverse effects on the ability to perform the mentioned obligation, including natural disasters. riot, civil unrest, insurrection, war, strike, corporate shutdown or statutory or other circumstances beyond our control.

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