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Legal Checklist

Bắt đầu

Start a startup

You can start a startup by making a Co-Founding Agreement to start a startup project or by registering a startup with your co-founders. If your co-founder is a foreigner joining the founding of the company, he or she needs to apply for an Investment License to be allowed to start up in Vietnam. You should also look for mentors, advisors in areas such as strategy, finance, legal, marketing ... to get the best professional support for you and your startup.

You also need to equip yourself with the necessary legal knowledge throughout the startup process. The advice of Startup LAW is: Please bring legal documents, agreements, and regulations into the daily activities of the startup on a regular basis. Develop a habit of consulting lawyers for any of your decisions. This is a great way to protect the success of your startup, thereby avoiding potential conflicts and risks.

You can manage your risk by using a set of standard startup legal documents including: confidentiality agreements, hiring agreements, anti-competition agreements, shareholder relations documents ...

  • Free startup legal solution

  • Legal consulting on startup and founding

  • Consulting and drafting Co-founder Agreement

  • Drafting mentor / advisor contracts

  • Legal Training for Startup

  • Procedures established companies

  • Drafting and modifying company charter

  • Legal documents startup

  • Privacy agreement

  • Anti-competition agreement

  • Foreign investment license

  • Documents on shareholders and capital contribution

  • Consulting related legal issues

Sở hữu trí tuệ

Intellectual Property

A startup's most valuable asset is often its intellectual property. The most popular trademark (trademark), followed by software, is an invention or a creative technical solution.
Talk about the startup's brand (trademark). This is an asset of great value that all startups have. This could be the name of your project, your company name, or simply the name of your software. Trademarks will be protected exclusively for those who register first instead of those who use them first. So, you should apply for trademark protection for your startup as soon as possible.

Most startups today develop a software. Fortunately, the software is NOT REQUIRED to register and is copyrighted for its creator and / or owner. However, registering software copyrights is a must for you to use your Copyright Registration Certificate as proof of your ownership.

You can commercially exploit your IP assets to offset your investments by selling, franchising, or using the IP to contribute capital to another company. It is important to note that you need to have a clear written agreement with software engineers (dev) and your designer (designer) to determine that the ownership of intellectual property created by them belongs to your startup is often owned by them personally.

  • Free legal answers

  • Intellectual Property Training for startups

  • Trademark registration

  • Register Software / Image / Design Copyright.

  • Patent / industrial design registration

  • Advice on the transfer of the right to use and own intellectual property

  • Drafting an Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

  • Drafting Intellectual Property Management Regulations

  • Procedures for registration of a license contract (transfer of intellectual property)

  • Technology transfer contract

  • Technology transfer registration procedures

  • Intellectual property disputes

  • Consulting on resolving infringement of intellectual property rights

  • Consulting related legal issues

Tuyển dụng

Recruitment of personnel

A seemingly very simple thing is "hiring people to work" but is governed by an increasingly complex legal system and contains many legal risks with uncomfortable sanctions. It includes hundreds of legal documents related to labor - employment, social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, occupational safety ... Make sure you are using these documents. and implement legal procedures when dealing with worker-related issues.

With the current regulations, the cost of complying with the labor law for a full-time employee is quite expensive, so the solution of outsourcing the employees without having to sign a labor contract at a reasonable cost is much. The startup applies such as: seasonal contracts, expert contracts, or services outsourced from professional suppliers for jobs that support the main business activities such as accounting, legal, human resources - labor, marketing.

Labor disputes are often related to labor discipline, so besides the Labor Rules, a discipline process should be strict and must be followed fully to avoid risks and disputes. may arise. Please consult your Attorney before taking these actions.

  • Free legal answers

  • Training Compliance with labor laws

  • Consulting the plans to use different types of labor

  • Consulting solutions to optimize labor costs

  • Drafting / editing labor contract

  • Confidential and anti-competitive workers agreement (NDA)

  • Intellectual property right transfer agreements

  • Drafting labor policies and regulations

  • Discipline, lay off employees

  • Procedures for Labor Contract Termination

  • Labor Registration Procedures

  • Registration procedures for social insurance

  • Procedures for Personal Income Tax Refund

Selling goods and services

If the products you supply to the market are physical products, you need to meet the standards and conditions of the business for that product. In addition, the manual and product warranty policy is also very important to be strictly regulated to protect your own interests in disputes with consumers or users. For intangible products or services, you need a customer contract or terms of use, waivers and detailed descriptions of your product or service. In addition, you should also pay attention to regulations on unfair competition, advertising, promotion, and event organization for your marketing activities.

In the process of developing a trading system, distributing products - services, you should have available contracts - related agreements such as: Goods sale and purchase contract, Service provision contract, Distribution contract goods, business cooperation contracts, product processing contracts, confidentiality agreements, anti-competition agreements when cooperating with partners.

  • Free legal answers

  • Standard sales contract

  • Announcement, registration promotion

  • Announcement and registration of product quality

  • Legal advice on labels

  • Contract, agent policy

  • Franchise Consulting (franchise)

  • Contract of business cooperation

  • Recover public debts

  • Debt collection and management training

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